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Kris And Isabel Holbrook

Kris And Isabel Holbrook


Silver Senior Vice President

Porcelain Sink Organizer (organizador de lavabo)
Porcelain Sink Organizer (organizador de lavabo)
Porcelain Sink Organizer (organizador de lavabo)
Núm. de artículo: 358080

Porcelain Sink Organizer (organizador de lavabo)


Mantén el mostrador del baño limpios, ordenados y hermosos con nuestro Porcelain Sink Organizer. La bandeja con muescas sostiene fácilmente la Forever Bottle with Foaming Hand Wash Dispense (botella de vidrio con dispensador de espuma para lavar las manos), mientras que el vaso con cubierta de silicona es perfecto para el cepillo de dientes Adult Silver Care y la pasta de dientes Probiotic Whitening Toothpaste Lysere™. Seca tu Makeup Removal Cloth (paño desmaquillante) o el Body and Face Cloth (paño para el rostro y cuerpo) en la práctica rejilla de acero inoxidable.

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22.5 cm x 10 cm x 18 cm / 8.7" x 3.9" x 7
  • Problema y Solución

    Countertops near sinks can get wet and messy, especially in busy homes. Whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom or elsewhere, sponges, brushes and bottles can make a mess and take up precious counter space.

    The Porcelain Sink Organizer is the perfect place to store tools you use daily. Bottles, brushes, sponges and more each have a place of their own, while the stainless steel rack gives Norwex Microfiber cloths a place to dry

  • Uso y Cuidado
    • Great near sinks to keep sponges, brushes, dish cloths, drain stoppers, scrubbers, Dishwashing Liquid, Foaming Hand Wash and other cleaning accessories at your fingertips.
    • Perfect in bathrooms to organize toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash and toiletries.
    • Use to store art supplies like paint, brushes and rags.
    • Put on your bedside table to keep jewelry, glasses, cell phone and odds and ends tidy and organized.
    • Porcelain tray and brush cup are dishwasher safe. Remove silicone sleeve before putting brush cup in dishwasher.
    • Hand wash silicone sleeve and stainless steel drying rack.
  • Características y Beneficios
    • Porcelain is stylish and more durable than other types of ceramic.
    • Three-piece modular system allows for customizing your perfect sink storage solution.
    • The low-profile tray and cup design provide functional, flexible style.
    • Modular design can be configured as needed.
    • Porcelain is durable and dishwasher safe.
    • Porcelain tray comfortably fits the Forever Bottle with Foaming Hand Wash Dispenser, Norwex Dishwashing Liquid, Spirinett with Reusable Handle and more (not included).
    • Tray includes sponge drying nook.
    • Porcelain brush cup includes grey non-slip silicone sleeve.
    • Brush cup fits your Bottle Brush and other kitchen scrubbers.
    • Stainless steel drying rack fits under tray and is perfect for air-drying Norwex Microfiber cloths.
    • Multifunctional design can be used throughout the home.
  • ¿Sabías qué?
    • Drips and spills that have dried on the surfaces of countertops, shelves and vanities can be tough to remove and may attract dirt, dust and grime. The tray in our Porcelain Sink Organizer helps prevent spills and drips from landing on surfaces.
    • Porcelain is a non-porous ceramic with incredible durability thanks to its high firing temperature.