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Kris And Isabel Holbrook

Kris And Isabel Holbrook


Silver Senior Vice President

Toilet Bowl Cleaning System with BacLock®
Toilet Bowl Cleaning System with BacLock®
Item#: 357006

Toilet Bowl Cleaning System with BacLock®


Includes 2oz. Bathroom Cleaner concentrate

Just a few pumps of our revolutionary toilet brush conveniently dispenses the perfect amount of cleaning solution right where it’s needed, so you get a sparkling clean bowl every time. 

*Contains BacLock®, our exclusive antibacterial agent for self-cleansing purposes only. The agent is solely designed to inhibit bacterial odor, mold and mildew growth within the product.

47 cm x 12 cm / 18.5" x 14.72"  
40 ml / 1.4 fl. oz. (up to 120 pumps)

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  • Problem & Solution


    Cleaning the toilet is no one’s favorite chore. Not only is it icky, it also requires both a brush and a strategically applied cleaning agent to do the job well. But typical nylon toilet brushes can fray as they weaken, causing them to accumulate bacteria and potentially spread it to other items in your bathroom. And disposable toilet wands are not the answer because of the single-use waste they create.


    The Toilet Bowl Cleaning System with BacLock* allows you to conveniently fill the brush handle with our biodegradable Bathroom Cleaner so it’s ready every time. With just a push of the button, the cleaning solution dispenses from the end of the brush head, allowing you to quickly target problem areas with no harmful chemicals or single-use waste. Best of all, two kinds of durable, flexible bristles rinse completely clean with only water and even self-cleanse, thanks to our BacLock* antibacterial agent. Easy. Simple. Done.

  • Use & Care

    To fill:

    • Unscrew handle cap and slowly pour Bathroom Cleaner into the reservoir.
    • Do not exceed maximum fill line. Replace cap.
    • Use with any non-gel bathroom cleaning liquid. Follow instructions and caution statements on product label.

    To use:

    • Press button on handle to dispense Bathroom Cleaner from the brush head onto the toilet bowl.
    • Use 2–4 pumps to clean bowl.
    • After scrubbing, allow solution to work 3 to 5 minutes then flush clean. Rinse brush and place it back in its base, letting BacLock* go to work.
    • Wipe bowl exterior and seat with a wet Norwex EnviroCloth®.
    • Refill when level of Bathroom Cleaner is lower than the bottom of the clear panel.
    • Clean brush with water as needed. Clean base with water and a Norwex cloth.
  • Features & Benefits
    • Just a push of the button conveniently self-dispenses any non-gel cleaning solution onto the brush.
    • Unique brush includes two types of bristles, each made from recycled plastic.
    • BacLock* in the bristles and base offers continuous protection against microbes and helps prevent odor due to bacteria, mold and mildew within the product, keeping bristles and base cleaner and fresher, longer.
    • Corrosion-resistant reservoir holds our best-selling Bathroom Cleaner for no-mess dispersal with a push of the button.
    • Saves money and reduces waste by dispensing the proper amount of cleaning solution every time.
    • Reservoir holds up to 120 pumps of any non-gel cleaning solution.
    • The handle’s clear panel lets you see how much cleanser is left in the reservoir.
    • Toilet brush base is made from 65% recycled plastic with BacLock*.
    • Toilet brush stores discreetly in self-cleansing base when not in use
  • Did You Know?
    • Much stronger than nylon, polypropylene is sometimes referred to as the “steel of plastics” due to its increased strength.
    • Some experts recommend cleaning typical toilet brushes by soaking them in boiling water with some bleach. We say “why bother?” Because our brush self-cleanses, all it needs is a quick rinse with clean toilet water as the bowl refills after flushing.
    • Toilet cleaning tablets often contain bleach or other caustic ingredients, which can break down weaker materials over time by interacting with gaskets, washers, and other plastic and rubber components. The longer these chemicals sit in the tank, the more likely toilet tank parts will corrode and wear down, eventually causing the toilet to leak.

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